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Weight Monitoring As A Means To Identifying Health Concerns


While most of us typically associate weight monitoring with the desire to have a more appealing appearance, this is a process medical providers have to follow with most of their patients and clients, as a means to monitoring their overall health. Sudden weight loss in people is usually a telltale sign of an underlying health concern that doctors need to look into, which is why they keep weighing scales in their office at all times. Weight monitoring is also adopted by healthcare professionals specializing in aged care and disability care, which makes chair scales and wheelchairs important equipment to have on site.

The National Aged Care Quality Indicator Program requires all aged care residents to be frequently assessed to identify any unplanned weight loss. This includes monitoring residents over a period of time to determine any unexpected changes to their weight, which can help with detecting any health concerns whilst still in its early stages. Since weights must be recorded on a monthly basis, it’s ideal to keep a weighing scale on hand to easily comply with the Program requirements.

As all elderly and disabled clients may not be steady on their feet, a regular floor weighing scale may not suit their needs, making it harder to monitor their weight. At Able Scale, we offer a range of alternative scales that can be used in such situations, offering convenience when doctors and clients need it most. One of these is chair scales, which are a good option for weighing people whilst they are seated, with castors at the bottom that enable easy maneuverability. Wheel chair scales are also a suitable alternative, which can be used for clients with limited mobility. Finally, hoist weighers can be used when clients need to be weighed but can’t be transferred to a chair or wheelchair scale. The weighing mechanism is fitted to a hoist, making it easier to weigh clients.

As with other scales and weighing equipment, these scales also need to be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy and reliability. The care and maintenance frequency would depend on how often the scales are used, thereby affecting the rate of wear. Able Scales has a fully equipped workshop for maintenance and repairs, offering cost-effective service that will retain the quality of your equipment. Get in touch with us today to discuss your chair scale needs.

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