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5 Important Features to Look for in Cash Registers


If your restaurant or business performs multiple transactions on a daily basis, you probably need a cash register to help streamline your business operations.

There are many options available in the market. Depending on your business size and needs, as well as your projected growth within the next few years, you may choose to go with a basic model with limited features, or a more advanced system that can offer scalability.

To help you decide on one that best fits your business, here are 5 important features to look for in cash registers:


Durable hardware

Your cash register will most likely be handled by more than one person, and frequently. You will need a robust hardware that is able to withstand heavy usage, so that it does not break down easily. Most commercial grade cash registers also come with spill-resistant keyboards, making them safe to use around food and drinks.



A cash register that has a good reporting system will help you better manage your restaurant or business by allowing you to pull out any transaction data or information you need. With the reporting system, you should be able to run popular reports such as daily financial reports, cash in drawer reports, labour reports, top selling items, and more.



Inventory tracking is extremely important as it allows you to track your stock automatically and effectively. By monitoring the daily transactions, the inventory tracking system in your cash register can let you know exactly how many items you have on hand. This prevents you from running out of stock, and saves time, as you do not need to do a stock count manually.


Customer Database

A cash register with a customer database or customer information management is worth investing in. Being able to add emails, phone numbers, and even birthdays will help your marketing campaigns tremendously. You can use this customer database to track behaviour patterns, personalise your marketing efforts, or even reach out to customers who have not been purchasing for a while.



To keep cash safe in the cash register, look for one with a locking drawer. This keeps unauthorised people from accessing your cash, and also prevents theft. Some cash registers also come with a password feature, and this is especially important to ensure sensitive customer payment information remains safe and secure.


Cash registers for purchase or hire in Melbourne

At Able Scale, we offer a wide selection of standalone and system cash registers, including:


Sam4s Entry Level Cash Register (ER180U)

With a compact design and entry level price point, the ER180U is ideal for small retail shops. Its features include 16 departments, 10 clerks, 500 PLUs, and raised 48 keys and key-cap option.


Sam4s Thermal Cash Register (ER265 Series)

The ER265 is an entry level cash register that comes with high level functionality. It comes with a flat, spill-resistant keyboard that has an easy-to-insert key sheet to customise the key labels. Other features include real time clock, hourly sales reporting, automatic tax calculation, and full size heavy duty cash drawer.


Sam4s Two Station Thermal Cash Register (ER430M)

A versatile cash register with many features, the ER430M is ideal for all retail applications. It has up to 9,000 PLUs, a Cancel Sale function, as well as a new debtors system. The ER430M also allows you to add peripherals on the two serial ports including a PC, scanner, scale or slip printers.


Sam4s System Cash Register (SPS340)

This multi lane cash register is designed for hospitality environments, and is very well suited for small to medium retail applications. It comes with a multi line display, dual paper station, and a large 8-line LCD operator display. Other features include graphic logo printing, electronic journal, up to 20,000 PLUs, and 150 keys flat keyboard.

View our full range of cash registers here.

Able Scale also understands that some businesses may require cash registers only for a short period of time, and that is why we also provide cash registers for hire. Whether you need standalone registers for short- term hire, or long-term solutions with integrated system cash registers, we can work out an arrangement according to your requirements.

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