Case Study: Precision Balance for Food Application

Weighing plays an extremely important part in the food production process, as ingredients need to be accurately measured to ensure consistency as well as compliance in quality requirements.

A large commercial bakery and contract manufacturer of bakery products, spice mixes and additives recently got in touch with Able Scale, and they were on the lookout for a highly accurate balance with a large capacity.

The client needed a scale to weigh individual ingredients for their bulk recipe blending. The scale must not only be capable of weighing their spices and additives in fine accuracy down to 0.1g, but also be able to take bulk capacities up to 60kg.

Not only was accuracy required to keep their recipe blending process consistent, but it is essential for cost control too, as they use expensive spices and additives. The client also did not want to use two separate scales, which would normally be the case in this scenario.

Traditionally, a scale that has high accuracy would have a low total weight capacity, and vice versa - a high weight capacity scale usually carries a lower accuracy.

Having understood all their requirements, we found the best weighing solution for the client - the A&D GP series industrial precision balance.


With capacities up to 101kg and a high resolution down to 0.1g, the A&D GP range is like having two scales in one.

The GP series balances incorporate the Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS), an enhanced weighing sensor that features speed and stabilisation. Due to this technology, the GP series are among the most accurate industrial balances in the 12kg to 101kg capacities class.

Not only that, but these scales also come with IP65 level protection, which means they are resistant to dust, water and moisture. This makes them ideal for food applications, as they can withstand spills and fine materials such as sugar, spices and flour.

The GP series has internal calibration with internal mass, saving you time and money when there is a need to calibrate. It is also able to self-calibrate automatically when it detects any changes in ambient temperature, and the One Touch Automatic Calibration feature allows you to easily calibrate the balance with a push of a button.

Other key features of the GP series include:

  • Adjustable environmental settings to suit your needs
  • Percentage comparison weighing software
  • Clear and large VFD display
  • Sealed keypad to protect against dust and spills
  • Multiple weighing units
  • Comparator output options
  • Under hook weighing options
  • Trade Approved models available

With quality workmanship, a 5 year warranty, precision load cell and componentry, the A&D GP balance is in a class of its own.

To learn more about the A&D GP balance, or to find a weighing solution that would suit all your business requirements, please get in touch with Able Scale today.