Baby scales Guide and Best baby Scales in Australia

Weighing babies regularly is one of the most important ways to monitor their overall health, as their weight and growth measurements may often be one of the earliest indications of any hidden issues.

Baby scales are essential when monitoring the health of premature babies, feeding issues, and for instances where monitoring 1g weight changes are critical. Modern baby scales come with a range of functions beyond weight checks, and can be used to assess other vitals too.

One of the most crucial moments in the healthcare industry is when newborns have to be monitored and supervised to ensure they are coping well in their new environment. The care extends from vaccinations to frequent appointments with the doctor. It comes as no surprise then, that monitoring a baby’s weight and other vitals for the first few years, is an important process that doctors must faithfully follow.

Able Scale offers a wide range of baby scales that are precise, reliable and accurate, ideal for hospitals, paediatricians, neonatal units, as well as child health centres across Australia, offering accuracy, quality and reliability, at times when it’s most needed. Our baby scales come with all the features and functions needed, to not only get accurate measurements, but also to keep the baby safe and comfortable.


Pediatric Scales and Measuring Systems

Accurate measurement of height and weight is a crucial prerequisite while welcoming a new life into this world. That’s why AbleScale offers the most reliable measuring and weighing equipment for medical staff to make their work easier.


We offer a wide range of products from a head circumference tape, to a mobile measuring mat and more. Our baby scales come with a damping function to ensure correct baby measurements despite their unanticipated movements.


Can you Weigh a Baby on Normal Scales and Kitchen Scales?

The straightforward answer to this question is ‘Yes’. You can absolutely weigh your newborn baby on a regular scale or kitchen scale. Just ensure to readjust the weight of the scale to zero, after you put a blanket or towel over the scale, then place the baby over the towel to get the weight. It is not advisable however, to weigh a baby on a normal scale, as readings may be inaccurately recorded by a few ounces due to the sudden movement of the baby and various other factors.


You can however, still use a normal scale if you have no other option. That is why we recommend the AbleScale featured Nuweigh Slimline Portable Baby Scale, which is portable, easy to carry, gives highly accurate results and is versatile in any situation.


Purchasing A Specially Designed Scale to Weigh Your Baby

Most parents are curious and want to track the growth of their baby in every possible way. Recording the weight of the baby every week for monitoring their health is good practice. That is why AbleScale offers a great selection of specially designed scales that gives you highly accurate weighing results.


The scales are multi-purpose, easy to operate and have various functions such as auto-hold function, breast-milk-intake function, etc. Our Seca Baby and Toddler Scale is a two-in-one scale that comes with a softly rounded weighing tray and a simple flat tray that can be used to weigh babies up to 20kg. It is an ideal scale for weighing toddlers every week.


Why and How Often to Weigh a Baby?

Weighing a baby is necessary to monitor the health and condition of the infant. Although the increments are quite low, about 5 ounces per week, it helps the parents see their baby’s progress. Weighing the baby once a week is sufficient and can be done at home using a weight scale.


There are specialised weight scales, explicitly made for this purpose that provide accurate and reliable results. AbleScale designed Seca Electronic Baby Scale is ideal for this purpose and has an integrated damping system that allows you to weigh the baby precisely even when they are moving.


Best baby scales and measurements in Australia:

  1. Nuweigh Slimline Portable baby scale (LOG244):
  2. The Nuweigh Slimline Portable baby scale (LOG244) is a lightweight model, weighing only 2.5kg on its own. The portable scale comes with a large LCD display, carry case, auto power off, battery operation, weighing options of lbs or kgs, and a weighing capacity of 20kgx 10g. The hold function for weight determination and a baby head rest, ensure that you can weigh the baby accurately despite their movement on the scale. The scale also comes with a 12 month guarantee, making it an ideal product for busy environments.

    Nuweigh Slimline Portable Baby Scale LOG244

  3. Seca baby and toddler scale (SE354):
  4. The Seca baby and toddler scale (SE354) features two scales in one. The product doubles up as a flat toddler scale too, allowing for more longevity. At the touch of a button, the tray can be detached quickly and easily from the base, providing a flat scale to weigh toddlers up to 20kg. Features include 20kg x 10g/20g capacity, kg/lb operation, tare, auto hold functions, and an easy to read display. Additionally, the breast milk intake function shows the exact amount of milk the baby has consumed.

    Seca baby and toddler scale SE354

  5. Seca Electronic baby scale (SE727):
  6. The Seca baby and toddler scale SE727) is especially suited for use in intensive care. It has an integrated damping system and hold function for quick and accurate weighing of moving babies. Features include 20kg x 2g/5g capacity, an ergonomically shaped tray, bright LED display, battery or AC power, tare, hold and kg/lb switch over.

    Seca Electronic Baby Scale SE727

  7. Seca baby and toddler scale (SE374)
  8. Designed for optimal weighing comfort and the highest precision, the Seca SE374 is ideal or pediatric departments in hospitals and clinics as well as maternity wards. The extra large shell-shaped tray with slightly raised sides provides optimum protection to prevent the baby from rolling off. With a high capacity of 20kg, the SE374 can also be used for weighing small children.

    This baby scale also features a large LCD display, tare function, auto hold function, kg/lbs switch over, and battery operation.

    Seca Electronic Baby Scale SE374

  9. Seca Mobile Measuring Mat for Babies and Toddlers SE210
  10. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use measuring mat, designed to measure the length of babies and toddlers. The mat has a fixed headpiece and a sliding foot positioner for the baby to be laid down and measured effortlessly.

    The mat also provides a soft texture to prevent skin irritations, is washable and can be rolled up for space-saving storage.


    • Measuring Range: 10 – 99 cm, 10 – 99 cm / 4 – 39"
    • Graduation: 5 mm, 5 mm / 1/4"
    • Optional: Backpack, Carrying case
    Seca Baby Measuring Mat SE210

  11. Seca Reusable Measuring Tape for Head Circumference of Babies and Toddlers SE212
  12. Measure the head circumference (front) and symmetry of the face (reverse) of your newborn baby with this functional reusable measuring tape. It is made with a non-stretch material and is safe to use on babies. The pack consists of 15 tapes that are stored safely in a dispenser. The tape will provide you with precise measurement of the baby.


    • Measuring Range: 3 – 59 cm, 3 – 59 cm / 1 – 23"
    • Graduation: 1 mm, 1 mm / 1/16"
    Seca Reusable Measuring Tape for Head Circumference of Babies and Toddlers SE212

  13. Seca Infantometer for Measuring Babies and Toddlers SE416
  14. AbleScale offers you this Seca-built premium quality infantometer, that measures babies and toddlers of up to two years of age. The infantometer board is strategically designed with raised and softly rounded sides, which helps in easy and safe placement of the baby on the board. The two guide rails at the sides of the device are permanently mounted with rollers.

    The foot piece on the infantometer, smoothly slides into the scale and prevents the baby’s restless feet from displacing its position. The foot piece can be locked, and measurements can be noted after removing the baby from the infantometer. The high stability offered by the infantometer along with its sturdy construction, makes it one of the best infantometers available on the market.


    • Measuring Range: 33–100 cm, 33 – 100 cm / 13 – 39"
    • Graduation: 1 mm, 1 mm / 1/16"
    Seca Infantometer for Measuring Babies and Toddlers SE416

  15. Seca Light, Space Saving and Stable Measuring Board SE417
  16. Seca’s compact, lightweight, and portable measuring board is made with precision, and is ideal for measuring babies and toddlers. The board has an in-built folding mechanism that makes it portable and easy to transport to any location.

    It consists of a removable foot stop which can be easily inserted back with secured guided-along rails. The smooth surface of the board ensures comfort for the baby. The measuring board is also easy to clean and provides long service life and durability.


    • Measuring Range: 10–100 cm, 10–100 cm / 4–39"
    • Graduation: 1 mm, 1 mm / 1/16"
    • Optional: Baby scale, Backpack, Carrying case
    Seca Light, Space Saving and Stable Measuring Board SE417

  17. Seca Baby Measuring Rod with Large Calipers SE207
  18. This aluminium made baby measuring rod, helps take precise measurements of the baby while the baby is lying down. The rod can be either mounted on the wall or screwed to the changing table when taking the measurements. The foot and head positioners attached with the rod, make taking the measurements easier for the user. The callipers can be folded after use for easy storage of the rod.


    • Measuring Range: 0 – 99 cm, 0 – 99 cm / 0 – 39"
    • Graduation: 1 mm, 1 mm / 1/8"

Seca Measuring Rod for Babies SE207