High Performance Counting Scales For Your Stocktaking Endeavours To Go Smoothly

Stocktaking can be one of the busiest times of the year for many businesses, requiring them to keep track of parts and pieces like computer hardware and goods for assembly. Counting manually is impractical and can be a tedious and time-consuming task, resulting in inefficiency and inaccuracy.

So, what if there was a way to save your time, reduce labour costs and guarantee precision?
Counting Scales can help improve accuracy and speed and eliminate manual counting errors. These scales can effectively determine the number of pieces of the same part by weighing the sample and dividing it by the number of individual parts.

This post will demonstrate how a reliable and professional counting scale is a must for businesses like stocktaking wanting to save time and money.

Choosing the best Digital Counting Scales for Stocktaking

All counting scales are not created equal and have different features, capabilities and functions. Therefore, selecting the right counting scale for your business is crucial.

A counting scale that meets your capacity and accuracy requirements, and suits your business application is the right choice for your business. The following are the things to consider when choosing a counting scale.

  • Choose a counting scale that has features required for your business applications. For example, the AWA function in counting scale tells users how close they are to the target quantity with a beep sound, making the counting job faster and easier.
  • Counting scales need to have a high internal resolution. The higher the internal counts, the more accurate the weight will be.
  • They should have good linearity. Poor linearity results in inaccurate counts.
  • Counting scales with poor repeatability struggle to count lighter pieces accurately.
  • Stability in showing weight readings is essential.

Failing in any of these areas can affect the precision of counting scales.

Reliable and highly sought after Digital Counting Scales for your Stocktaking endeavours

Some of our reliable and highly sought after digital counting scales suitable for stocktaking are listed below.

Counting Scales A & D HC - i Series

Counting Scales A & D HC - i Series
HC - i Series Counting scales are high performing, simple and easy to operate machines. Building an inexpensive inventory control system is possible with the HC - i Series and its accessories.

HC - i Series scale features:

  • High internal resolution & wide counting range
  • Easy data retrieval
  • Large stainless steel weighing pan
  • AWA (Audible Weighing Assist) & ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement) function
  • Large LCD Display showing detailed information
  • Unit weight entry navigator

Its benefits include:

  • Cost effective
  • Improves reliability
  • Eliminates errors and unnecessary repetition
  • Easy to follow navigation system


Counting Scales A & D FC - Si / i Series

Counting Scales A & D FC - Si / i Series

FC - Si / i Series counting scales are absolutely easy to operate and accurate. These scales are designed for high accuracy counting of fine piece weights.

  • Super hybrid sensor
  • High internal resolution
  • ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement) function
  • Large clear Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
  • Dedicated barcode reader
  • Large stainless counting pan


Its benefits include:

  • Simple operation mode
  • Easy to manage inventory
  • Improves reliability by eliminating errors
  • Applicable to various barcodes


Ohaus Ranger Count 3000 Counting Scales

Ohaus Ranger Count 3000 Counting Scales
The multipurpose Ranger Count 3000 Counting Scale, equipped with a rechargeable battery, is the best compact counting scale in its class. It has all the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications.

Ranger Count 3000 counting scale features:

  • Most user friendly counting scale on the market
  • Precise counting and weighing performance with 30 item library
  • Portable and versatile power options
  • Rapid stabilization
  • Improved functionality to meet your needs
  • More connectivity options
  • High internal resolution


Its benefits include:

  • Portable design
  • Capability to produce precise results
  • Ideal to meet industrial counting needs
  • Unmatched throughput


Hire Digital Counting Scales for short term use

If you need digital counting scales for short term use or only at certain times of the year, the best option would be hiring them for your business. Able Scales hire counting scales for short term use. Our scales are highly efficient and produce precise results. Contact our team today to find out more about our scale rental services.

Able Scales provide a wide range of digital counting scales from basic models to high precision machines. Get in touch with us today for assistance in selecting the right scale for your business.