What is a trade approved scale?

What is a trade approved scale?

In simple terms if you are buying and selling goods and services by weights you need a trade approved scale.

The most common type of scales you would be familiar with are the scales in your supermarket, green grocer, butcher, or post office.

Having accurate scales means no one is being over or under charged and considering, “Australia’s trade measurement transactions are estimated to be worth more than $750 billion each year”1, we need to have a reliable system in place.


What is the difference between a 'trade approved' and 'non trade' scale?

A trade approved scales goes through an extensive and costly testing process with the National Measurement Institute. This process is to ensure that the scale components and weighing accuracy will stand up to repeated use and maintain reliable weights.

Before the end user starts to use a trade approved scale it must go through a number of steps.

Step 1: Scale goes through approval process and once it is approved a unique NMI approval number is allocated to that model scale.

Step 2: A Servicing Licensee such as Able Scale tests and calibrates the scale following a defined set of test procedures.

Step 3: Once the scale passes the tests a verification sticker is attached to the scale and a report is issued for traceability.

Step 4: The end user is now legally allowed to buy and sell goods based on weight.

What is a trade approved scale?

If you are not selling your services based on weights then a non trade scale would be suitable for your processes. A ‘non trade’ trade scale is generally cheaper than a ‘trade approved’ scale as it is not required to go through the same rigorous testing process. But, as accuracy and reliability is always important, whether you need a trade approved or non trade scale, we recommend to purchase a well known proven brand with Australian after sales support

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