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What is a moisture analyser and what is it used for?


A moisture analyser, also known as a moisture balance, is a scientific tool used to determine the moisture content in a sample, and is commonly found in laboratories. These balances work as a quality control check to confirm that a process is working. By sampling periodically during a process, it helps to show if the desired moisture content has been reached.

What are moisture analysers used for

Moisture analysers are used in different industries for various purposes.

Moisture can affect the shelf life, chemical reaction, usability and general processability in many products. In the food industry, for example, incorrect moisture levels in a product can lead to stale products, bacteria, reduction in shelf life, and incorrect weight of product. This would negatively affect the business reputation, as well as present a risk of harm to customers.

Besides the food industry, moisture analysers are also used in laboratories for various products in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, scientific development, plastic manufacturing, mineral resources and soil sampling industries.

Most products have an optimum moisture content to ensure the best processing results and maximum quality. This is why moisture content can have an impact on prices and in some cases, the permissible moisture content in products is governed by regulations.

How moisture analysers work

Moisture analysers are basically a weighing balance with a heating component. They use the Loss On Drying (LOD) method to measure moisture. Through this LOD method, the moisture analyser first weighs the sample before utilising the mounted heater to dry the moisture from the sample. Once it is dry, the sample is weighed again.

There are two types of heat generating systems. Some moisture analysers use halogen while others use infrared. Halogen moisture analysers are known to be faster and more efficient, and are ideal for situations where no single setting can heat all samples evenly. This makes halogen moisture analysers more suitable across more applications.

Model dependent, moisture analysers can accurately measure the moisture content to 0.01% and weigh as accurately as 0.0001g.

The A&D MS-70 moisture analyser is designed for high accuracy and repeatability. With straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed Secondary Radiation Assist filter, the balance is able to provide a shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating.

Its ergonomically designed pan handle helps to eliminate mishaps such as burns when moving samples in or out of the unit, and the wing handle allows for easy opening and closing of the heater cover.

The large VFD display makes measurements, settings, data numbers and other important information clear and easy to see.

Other features include data memory function, five measurement modes, selectable heating modes, super hybrid sensor and full digital calibration.

Able Scales offer a wide range of laboratory balances, including moisture analysers. To find a balance that is most suitable for your needs and requirements, please view our available models.

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