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Why You Should Schedule Regular Scale Maintenance


Businesses that utilise any kind of scales know that these weighing equipment play an important part in their operation and processes. It is essential then that these scales are kept operating at optimum performance with regular servicing or preventative maintenance.

Here are some reasons why you should schedule in regular scale maintenance:

Reduce costly downtime

When scales are not working as they should, it interrupts operations and costs you money. The downtime also means less opportunities to create revenue, which will negatively affect your business. To maintain productivity and to reduce the chances of having your scale breaking down, schedule in proper maintenance on a regular basis.

Save money

Maintaining your scale regularly also keeps the equipment running longer, which means you actually save money as you won’t need to spend more to replace the scale often. Additionally, routine maintenance is a great way to protect your budget, as you are able to plan for the servicing ahead of time, instead of having to be caught by surprise.

Maintain accuracy and quality

If your scale is used to measure ingredients or to pack products based on precise weight, it is especially critical that your scale is always accurate, reliable and at a tiptop condition. An incorrect scale will not only cost you money or damage your brand reputation, but it may also be operating outside of regulatory requirements and become non-compliant. With regular maintenance and calibration, you can ensure that your scale continues to function accurately and operate to specification.

Other benefits you get with pre-planned and regular maintenance include:

  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Consistent and best performance
  • Improved productivity
  • Quality workmanship from professionals
  • Peace of mind

No matter what type of scales you use in your business, it is always a good idea to have a maintenance schedule in place to keep your scale and your operations running smoothly without unexpected interruptions.

At Able Scale, we provide repair services for all brands of weighing equipment, including industrial weighing scales. Our technicians are experienced and fully trained, and it is always our aim to deliver a cost effective service with a quick turnaround time. All parts and labour on repairs are backed by our in-house warranty policy.

To find out more about our scale repair services, please contact our team at 1300 731 360 or email [email protected].

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