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Intrinsically Safe Scales – What Are They?


Fire is a potential hazard in many industries, especially in places where flammable gasses are being produced or handled. However, the risk is still there even in situations where it may not be as evident. For example, dust is known to be highly combustible in certain industrial environments.

A fire happens when there is fuel (such as flammable gasses, vapours or dust), oxygen and an ignition source. The ignition can come from a spark in an electrical or electronic appliance such as a digital scale, and it could quickly cause fires and even explosions.

As such, to prevent and reduce the risk of fire in workplaces, it is highly recommended for hazardous environments to use intrinsically safe equipment.

What is intrinsically safe?

Most electrical equipment often create tiny internal sparks when in use, and even compact electrical equipment generate heat as well. These sparks and heat can become an ignition source, which becomes dangerous in explosive or hazardous areas.

An equipment that is intrinsically safe is one that is specially designed for safe operation in hazardous areas – it is incapable of releasing enough energy to cause ignition, and operates with low voltage and current.

Intrinsically safe equipment are ideal for industries and environments that are potentially flammable, for example, petrochemical refineries, mines, or any location that deals with chemical and gases.

Do you need intrinsically safe equipment?

If you work in a place with combustible or flammable material, it is important to take precautionary measures to minimise the risk of ignition. By using intrinsically safe equipment in a hazardous environment, you can:

  • Ensure a safe work environment
  • Protect those within the location from risks of fire and explosion
  • Avoid having to spend on explosion proof enclosures
  • Continue to perform maintenance and diagnostic work without having to shut down production

Intrinsically safe scales

Even tiny sparks in compact electrical equipment can cause fires and explosion in hazardous atmospheres. As such, if you perform weighing in potentially explosive environments, be sure to use scales that have the proper features to prevent explosions.

The A&D HV-CEP/HW-CEP series are internationally certified, intrinsically safe platform scales that can be used in locations with ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses, vapors or liquids. You can bring these scales to any hazardous environments, without putting you or your colleagues at risk.

The scale comes with IP65 dust and waterproof base unit and stainless steel pan, allowing it to be washed with water and weigh wet objects without any problems. The surface of the pan is also resistant to chemicals, scratches and rust.

Other features include:

  • Wide selection of capacities and resolutions
  • Multi-coloured 5-step LED comparator lights
  • Auto-tare and negative comparison functions
  • LCD display (25mm character height) with white backlight
  • Key lock function
  • Operates on 4D batteries, making it unnecessary to secure power from a safe area
  • Auto power OFF function
  • High speed measurement – response in 1 second or less

Keep your work place and colleagues safe by using intrinsically safe weighing equipment. To find out more about the A&D HV-CEP/HW-CEP series platform scales, please contact Able Scale today at 1300 731 360 or email [email protected]

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