counting scale

If you find yourself needing to weigh and count both small and large parts, a dual counting scale may be what you need.

What is a dual counting scale?

A dual counting scale consists of two components: a traditional counting scale and a separate platform scale connected via a cable.
Whether you need to include a remote weighing base, locking wheels or adjustable feet, dual counting scales can be custom designed so that they suit your requirements and applications.

How does it work?

The counting scale is used as the indicator for both scales and does the finer counting of the smaller parts. The counting scale/indicator has three displays which show the piece weight, total weight and number of pieces counted. The larger base meanwhile weighs the larger parts. Depending on the size of the parts, the counting sample can be weighed on either scale.
The smaller counting scale can also be used to obtain the unit weight before the larger scale is used to weigh the items in bulk.

What applications is it for?

Dual counting scales are useful for any operation that needs to weigh both small as well as large items often or at the same time, including but not limited to pharmaceutical, automotive, food, financial and manufacturing applications.

Case Study

A manufacturer of caps and bottle closures needed a counting scale to count out their bottle top lids. Some of the lids weighed less than 2g each but needed to be packed into boxes of up to 60kg.

As a 60kg scale would not have the accuracy required to count 2g, a two-piece counting scale was needed.

The solution was a 3kg x 0.1g counting scale connected to a 60kg x 10g platform scale.

Once a sample of the lids was placed on the counting scale to get the average piece weight, it was then easy to place a box on the platform scale, tare off the box and fill it to the required number of pieces, up to 60kg.

To make the process even easier the scales were mounted on a custom designed trolley, enabling the operator to move around their warehouse and pick and pack the parts as needed.

Dual counting systems start from 500g x 0.02g with a minimum piece weight of 0.00005g and can be connected up to pallet size scales of 3000kg, making them very versatile across a range of products.



Dual counting scales at Able Scale


The A&D FC-I series is a range of counting scales designed for high accuracy counting of fine piece weights. It comes with an ability to connect to a larger second scale platform, to make counting both small and larger items an easier task.

Its features include high internal resolution of 1/10,000,000, accumulation function, comparator function, stainless steel platter, and up to 500 ID memories.


The Ohaus Ranger RC31P is a portable battery operated counting scale that is suitable for all industrial counting needs, and it comes with an optional second scale input.

Other features include a large weighing platter, high internal counting resolution, RS232 communication, 30 item data storage, and three backlit LCD displays.

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