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Do you need analytical balances?


There are many types of laboratory balances, and each of them are made specifically for different applications. When it comes to semi-micro weighing, analytical balances are still the preferred choice.

An analytical balance is considered a premium product that is mainly used in scientific laboratory processes. These tools are useful for quantitative analysis, as they are able to offer precise and accurate micro measurements in the sub-milligram range. Analytical balances can go as low as 0.001mg, providing a high degree of accuracy.

These high precision weighing scales offer a wide range of functions, readabilities and other features, making them the perfect tool in laboratories across industries. For example, educational institutions benefit from analytical balances when conducting scientific experiments, while pharmaceutical companies can use trade-approved models for check weighing medications.

It is important to note that analytical balances are extremely sensitive and readings can easily be affected, which is why they usually come with draft shields to protect the weighing platform from potential disturbance such as wind or movement.

These balances are best used in low-impact environments, away from traffic or any other sources of vibrations. If it is not possible to remove your analytical balances from places with external movement, you may want to consider investing in anti-vibration tools or equipment such as an anti-vibration or vibration-absorbing table.

Analytical balances for your operations

If you find that you need to weigh the smallest samples to the highest possible accuracy and precision, then an analytical balance may be what you need to get the best weighing results.

To help you choose the right one, here is a selection of some recommended analytical balances:

A&D GH-252 – Semi-Micro Analytical Balance

The A&D GH-252 is a high performance, dual-range balance with a one-touch automatic calibration. Its minor range weighs 101g x 0.01mg, while the major range is 250g x 0.1mg. It comes with a 90mm stainless steel pan and an anti-static glass wind break, and other features include multiple weighing units, data memory function and GLP software.

Ohaus Pioneer PA – Economical Analytical Balance

For those looking for an analytical balance that can be used for everyday weighing needs and at an affordable price, the Ohaus Pioneer PA fits the bill. With 0.1mg accuracy, the Pioneer PA is available with or without internal calibration. It has a clear LCD display and a framed glass draft shield with sliding top, providing easy access. Other features include ABS housing, stainless steel pan, 19 weighing units and multiple application modes.

Ohaus Adventurer AX – Touch Screen Analytical Balance

The Ohaus Adventurer incorporates all features necessary for routine weighing and measurement, and the wide viewing angle colour touchscreen provides quick access to all applications. The two-piece, top-mounted draft shield doors open wide on both sides, and some models feature Oahus’ automatic internal calibration system.

A&D HR-A/HR-AZ Series – Analytical Balance

The A&D HR-A / HR-AZ Series analytical balance is a good option for use in confined or small spaces, as it has a compact footprint that is smaller than an A4 paper size. Its doors also rotate behind the balance, which means it requires no extra space for accessing the weighing chamber. Other features include a large breeze break with antistatic coating, reverse backlit LCD, 12 weighing units, and fast stabilisation.

Able Scale offers a wide range of analytical balances as well as other laboratory balances. If you need more information or help on selecting the right weighing equipment for your needs, feel free to get in touch with us.

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