Case Study- Food picking and packing scale for Australia’s largest Mushroom Growers



One of Australia’s largest mushroom growers needed multiple sets of weighing scales for their busy harvesting and packing of mushroom punnets. With the ability to produce in excess of 140,000 kg of mushrooms per week the client needed reliable scales that could be used in two ways.

The scales needed to be portable to be placed on a trolley as the pickers hand harvest the mushrooms and pack them by weight into the individual punnets, and also in their packing shed line to check box weights for QA control of their packages. As the mushrooms are hand picked, graded, then packed and delivered on a daily basis the scales needed to be reliable, weigh quickly, easy for individual operators to use, and to be compact and portable.

Other requirements included:

Compact Bench Scale - A&D SJ-HS Series

  • Low cost bench type scale, up to 12kg
  • battery operated preferably replaceable alkaline, as not enough power points to charge up 50+ scales overnight
  • Portability

The A&D SJ-HS Compact Bench Scale

The A&D SJ-HS Compact Bench Scale was the solution.

Compact Bench Scale - A&D SJ-HS Series

The A&D SJ-HS series scale fitted all the requirements needed, including fast weighing response time of less than 1 second, portable, battery operated (up to 2000 hours), lightweight, compact, large easy to read display, and easy to clean construction.