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Precision Bench Scales


Precision bench scales are a good weighing option for those who require industrial balances with large capacity and high resolution.

At Able Scale, we carry a select range of precision bench scales, including entry level models such as the Ohaus Ranger 3000 and A&D EK-L series. These models come at an affordable price, and feature multiple weighing units as well as weighing modes.

The Ohaus Ranger 3000 and A&D EK-L series can be used for general weighing application, and are suitable for various industries including food processing, chemical, parts manufacturing, and product quality control.

Ohaus Ranger 3000

Ohaus Ranger 3000
The Ohaus Ranger 3000 is a multipurpose compact bench scale that is ideal for many industrial weighing needs. With seven application modes, this bench scale is capable of producing precise results quickly for a wide range of applications.

With a simple menu navigation and dedicated keys, the Ranger 3000 is one of the most user-friendly industrial scales available. It also comes with an easy-to-use weigh below hook, which allows you to perform specific gravity tests or to weigh items that cannot be easily lifted and placed on the weighing pan.

Other features include a 1.5” LCD backlit display, checkweighing LEDs, rapid stabilisation, and standard RS232 connectivity.

A&D EK-L Series

A&D EK-L Series
The A&D EK-L Series comes in two models – EK-15KL and EK-30KL. The EK-15KL is 15kg x 0.1g, and is ideal for applications where both large capacity and high resolution are required at the same time. The EK-30KL, meanwhile, comes with a dual smart range capacity of 3kg x 0.1g / 30kg x 1g. This is useful for situations where 0.1g readability is needed to measure the net weight, when the gross weight exceeds 15kg.

The EK-L precision bench scale has a large weighing pan, allowing bulky objects to be measured easily. It also features a hygienic and scratch-resistant, stainless steel weighing pan cover; an LCD display with clear, white backlight; display hold and auto power off functions; and a security ring for wire locking the scale.

It also has a counting mode with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function, and a RS-232C interface as standard.

Both the Ohaus Ranger 3000 and the A&D EK-L precision bench scales are for non-trade applications only.

For industrial bench scales that are trade-approved, please view our complete range of precision balances or contact the Able Scale team directly for assistance.


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