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Bench Scales for Food Processing


A bench scale is a small scale designed to sit on a bench or table top, that is portable and easy to move around. Standard bench scales range in their weight capacity from 1kg up to 30kg.

Bench scales are used in many industries, including food processing and preparation, warehousing, and manufacturing.

It is the food processing and preparation industries where bench scales are ideal and make the most of their features. From portion control, ingredient weighing, recipe testing, and checkweighing of product, there is a bench scale to do it all.

The benefits of using a bench scale for food processing and preparation applications:

Easy to use
Bench scales are known for their ease of operation. They often come with functions and features that simplify measuring and weighing operations, and do not usually require much training before use.

Bench scales are designed to deliver fast and accurate weighing results, and are ideal for weighing and checkweighing loose as well as packed goods.

As bench scales are very compact and light, it is easy to transport them. Most models are also able to run on batteries, making them perfect for on-the-go applications.

Most bench scales are designed with affordability and utility in mind, and often come at cost-effective prices without compromising on quality and function.

Food safe
Stainless steel bench scales are hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for food processing applications. There is also a wide option of trade-approved models, including those that support HACCP-certified systems.

Increased productivity
By investing in a good bench scale with a high maximum capacity and corresponding weighing range, you’ll get to save time and labour, as well as reduce human error rate. This in turn makes your process more efficient and effective, which results in increased productivity.

Some common features of bench scales include:

  • Stainless steel or ABS plastic housing
  • Water resistant or for dry environments only
  • Battery or AC power operated
  • Trade or non trade applications
  • Check weighing functions with coloured lights for easy identification of under- or overweight product
  • Percent weighing, accumulation weighing

At Able Scales, we have an extensive bench scale range to suit all food processing applications. Some of the popular ones include:

Nuweigh JAD989

This IP67 bench scale is ideal for food processing applications and checkweighing. It has coloured backlighting, dual weighing function, tare, accumulation and counting functions. It is also NMI trade approvable when verified.

Ohaus Valor 4000

The Valor 4000 series scales are designed for food and commercial applications, and are suitable for wet environments. Features include IPX8 protection rating, knife resistant keypad, dual displays, and weighing, percent weighing, check weighing and accumulation modes.

This IP67 rated bench scale is designed for wet and dusty food packing, and has an externally mounted load cell for fast weight stabilization. It comes with a stainless steel weighing pan, and features auto tare, multiple weighing units, and colour-changing comparator lights.

Ishida IPC
The Ishida IPC comes with a large weighing platter, and is suitable for most general weighing and food processing applications. Features include dual range weighing, battery save function, large LCD display, and optional dual-sided display,

To find out more about our food scales or other equipment for food application such as labelling scales, wrapping scales, slicers and vacuum packers, please browse our website or get in touch with our team.

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