Boost your Grape Harvest with the Right Scale From Able Scale

As we reach the summit of yet another grape growing season, grape growers, wine makers, and anyone else on the viticultural grapevine knows the importance of reliable equipment; such as dependable bench scales and reliable growers scales.


So whether you’re growing nature’s candy to be picked and packed for the table, or harvesting wine grapes to be plucked and pressed and turned into the good drop, read on to find out more about the best weighing scales in the business!


From Vine to Table

If table grapes are your main focus, you may wish to consider something like Ishida IPC's Compact Trade Approved Bench Scale. It’s a dependable and adaptable weighing option that is perfect for use in a variety of business settings. This bench scale has a compact design which makes it light and portable, though still comes with a user-friendly interface and a big, bright LCD display that’s easy to read. It has reliable precision guaranteed to satisfy all industry standards, and platter size of 230mm x 200mm (3/6kg) and 280mm x 293mm (15/30kg). Built with top-notch components to guarantee durability and long-term reliability, the Ishida IPC's Compact Trade Approved Bench Scale is available in four different models, and is a great investment for any company searching for a dependable and precise weighing solution.

Another trustworthy option is the Ohaus SD Shipping Scales. Designed to provide accurate and precise weight measurements, the Ohaus SD scales are appropriate for use with a variety of packages and things because they have a weight capacity of up to 200 kg. Like the Ishida Bench Scale, the Ohaus SD Shipping Scales compact portability does not

preclude it from packing an easy to read LCD display and an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes all operations as straightforward as possible. The scales are built with premium components to guarantee longevity and long-term dependability, these scales are made to last, and made to work. 


From Vine to Bottle

If wine grapes are your main squeeze, then you may want something along the lines of the Nuweigh Galvanised or Stainless Steel Pallet Scales (IH1949 Series). A heavy duty scale that’s been designed to accommodate pallets and any other heavy loads, the Nuweigh scales are available in both stainless steel and galvanised finishes, and can withstand various harsh (and wet) environments. They are rugged and reliable but are still easy to use, making them an ideal choice for farms, factories, and everything in between. Another fantastic option is the Painted Steel Pallet Scales - Nuweigh IH1949P; a reliable weighing solution composed of painted steel, making them a sturdy weighing option that can withstand the heaviest of loads. Offering accuracy as well as durability, the Nuweigh delivers ever-precise weight readings while supporting weights up to 5,000 kg. As easy to use as they are sturdy, the Nuweigh Painted Steel Pallet Scales are an ideal tool for any warehouse or distribution centre that needs heavy loads measured frequently and accurately.

Need to Scale Up?

If you’re looking to expand your operation, or simply level up the quality of your current gear, you wish to have a quick squiz through some of our more popular weight scale products.


Platform Scales

These scales are perfect for weighing large quantities and heavy containers, owing to their heavy duty weighing platforms that can bear the heaviest of loads. They can be used for both indoors and outdoors use, and come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities, from the Stainless Steel Small Platform Scale - Nuweigh JAC949 Small Series to everything in between


Floor Scales

If your operation benefits from a floor scale set-up, you can get those grapes on the floor then out the door quickly and reliably with the A&D Super Washdown Scales (SW Series)

This model is ideal for use in high pressure and even volatile environments, due to its heavy duty dust and water-proofing features and its hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell. With LED display, rechargeable battery operation, and polycarbonate/ABS head casing, the SW series comes in three base sizes, making it a terrific option for almost any grape growing business.


Able Scale offers a wide range of high-quality scales that are suitable for various uses in the long and winding grape growing trade (and in the non-grape food industries too!). The Able Scale brand honours itself on precision and reliability, and we are proud to provide grape growers with measuring equipment that you can trust.


Besides scales for food processing and growing, Able Scales also provides high quality scales for various other industries, including the medical/health/veterinarian sectors, laboratories, research and development, manufacturing and industrial, retail and hospitality, and warehousing and logistics. You can head over to the Able Scale website for a closer look at our wide range of weighing scale equipment… or to speak to one of our friendly staff, give us a call on 1300 731 360, or drop us an email here. Easy!