Case Study - Pressure sensitive weight testing unit


Able Scale was engaged to provide a unique solution to create a testing unit with the ability to test pressure sensitive mats on trams. The mats are located in the doorways of trams andare designed to detect the presence of a person when pressure is exerted on the mat. By sending a signal to the automatic door’s the mats aim to prevent the hazard of the doors closing on people whilst they are still standing on the mat.

The client wanted to test whether the mats were still activating within their defined tolerance, as general wear and tear over time can create a safety issue, whereby lightweight people and small children would not trip the sensor. The degradation of the mat would then result in the mat not activating the door-closing sensors safely.


testing unit with the ability to test pressure sensitive mats on trams


  • The testing unit needed to be able to test the activation point of pressure sensitive mats, with the intention to stop the automatic door from closing on people whilst they were still standing on the mat.
  • The testing unit needed to check if the predetermined pressure point of the mat was working within its required tolerance.
  • The testing unit was required to be portable and battery operated for onsite use.


The solution provided was a Rinstrum R320 Digital Indicator with remote input and manual hold features, connected to a PT Compression Load Cell.The sensor from the mat was configured and sent to the weighing indicator via the remote input feature, whilst the compression style load cell was designed to measure the pressure placed on it. The pressure on the load cell was then converted to a weight signal by the digital indicator. This then allowed the client to be able to analyse and make a comparison between the displayed value and the pre-determined manufacturer’s specifications.

Weigh Module Rinstrum Digital Indicator



  • Place the loadcell on top of the pressure sensitive mat.
  • Apply a weight to the mat.
  • When the pre-set mat trigger point is reached the manual hold feature is activated in the weighing indicator and holds the displayed weight. This indicates whether the mat is triggering the door sensors at the right time.
  • Mats will either pass or fail the required specifications.
  • If the mats fail then they are tobe taken out of commission for replacement or repair.

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